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Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta, Rated #1Tire 

Vredestein tires were designed in Europe for high-speed Autobahn driving. 

TESTING - Twelve different tests were performed on these tires (six dry and six wet): aquaplaning, braking, handling, safety and slalom. Vredestein received the best score, outclassing tire producers such as Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, Hankook and Toyo. I can assure you that you will be very thrilled with these awesome tires!

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Extremely unique HIGH tracking power, allowing FASTER CORNERING!! ROBUST outer shoulders with 25% more rubber on the outer diameter for EXCEPTIONAL & SUPERIOR handling!!  ENHANCED appearance for SPORTS cars!! Innovative design and sophisticated longitudinal tread design. Noticeably QUIETER then any other brand!!!!

The Vredestein tires are designed in Europe where high performance cars must handle the challenges of the high speed Autobahn. They are speed rated at "Y"  for up to 186 MPH!

The exciting European design gives the tire an incredible look. This is the ultimate tire for the higher end of the market. The Ultrac is blessed with many high-tech features. The unique design results in a wider than average tire in this size group putting even more rubber on the road. The look and feel is PURE MUSCLE!

Asymmetric tread design!

All the commands and forces between car and road are transmitted through the tyres, irrespective of the power of the engine, the precision of the steering gear and the reaction speed of the ABS, ASR and other anti-slip computers. The tread designed by Vredestein and Giugiaro for the Ultrac Sessanta plays a crucial role in the transmission of these forces.


The outside edge of the tread absorbs handling forces, which are especially strong when taking corners. The air ratios – the proportion of air to rubber visible in the tread – of the two sides of the tread were deliberately changed by Vredestein and Giugiaro, with the ratio lower on the outside than it is on the inside of the tread. Put another way, the outside of the tread has around 25% more rubber than the inside. This extra layer ensures better grip and improved stability on corners by absorbing the powers that affect the tyre in precisely this part of the tread. Improved handling is the result.


The tread of the Ultrac Sessanta features stiffening bridges – small three-dimensional blocks added to the grooves. These blocks allow more side-thrust force to be built up, ensuring optimal handling. Special furrows on the inside of the Ultrac Sessanta tread quickly evacuate excess water, reducing the likelihood of aquaplaning.

European style by Giugiaro Design.

Untimate handling construction with sturdy sidewall and bead construction.

Jointless Tread compound provides optimal grip on wet roads.

Low rolling resistance for maximum fuel economy.

Rim protector.

Minimal noise levels.




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