AFS Wheels

Different Finishes

We offer most rims in a painted finish, polished or chrome. As far as the finish goes, there are several factors to consider. For ease of maintenance and the longest wear, choose the painted finish. Depending on the style of rim, this could be silver, white and/or black. Our paint is a powder coated finish that is actually baked on to the rim. This finish is much more durable than a "wet" paint. Our rims are then followed up with a clear coat that further protects the finish and helps prevent fading or yellowing.

The polished rims are a "bare" aluminum rim that has been highly polished. They do not have quite as much reflection in them as a chrome rim has. Since it is a "raw" aluminum, you will be able to see slightly different shading in the rim due to the composition of metals used with the aluminum. These are not imperfections and normal in a raw polished rim. They will take quite a bit of upkeep as they need to be frequently polished with an aluminum polishing compound such as the one "Mother's" makes. If not kept clean and polished, you will loose the shine. You can usually find an aluminum polishing compound at most auto supply stores. We do offer as an option to have your polished rims clear coated. This will protect them and make them much easier to keep clean. You can then use the same mild soap or cleaner you would use to wash the rest of your car.

A chrome rim has more of a mirror finish. Our rims are chromed at one of the few chrome plants that meet OEM standards. They are a triple chrome with nickel, copper and then the final chrome layer. You need to keep them clean from any harsh chemicals or materials such as abrasive cleaners, brake dust, the neighborhood dog that thinks your wheel or tire is a fire hydrant, road salts and tar. These can eat into the chrome. We recommend cleaning them with a mild (non alcohol based) window cleaner and a soft rag. You may need to occasionally use a chrome cleaner on them to remove stubborn items such as road tar. Use caution however as some chrome cleaners have an abrasive formula and you can "rub through" the chrome with repeated hard rubbing. There are many different qualities of chrome on the market. Some are OK, some terrible and a few are quite good. We are proud of the quality of our chrome and have had excellent feedback from our customers. Our chrome has a one year warranty on them for any manufactures defects.

We offer a "Machined Face" finish option with the 2003 Cobra wheels. The wheel goes through several steps. First the wheel is prepped for paint. The entire wheel face is painted with the base color. In this case, it is a silver. The wheel then goes to the machine line and the face of the wheel is machined to take of the paint on the flat surface. Then the entire wheel goes back to the paint shop for a final clear coat that is baked onto the rim. The end result is a wheel with a machined face and silver cutouts. The contrast in texture and color, gives this wheel a fresh, modern look.
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