AFS Wheels


Our rims are made by a large wheel company that manufactures OEM rims for a major automotive line. The quality is to OEM standards. They are made out of the same materials (aluminum) and the machining is matched on a CNC machine so that the fit and backspacing is identical or per our custom requirements.

Our state of the art manufacturing process includes using counter pressure injection molds. The rims all go through heat treatment for strength. The quality control program includes such steps as x-rays and pressurized immersion. All of our rims have passed or exceeded required safety testing and are DOT approved.

These rims are made exclusively for AFS Wheels.

Our finish work is considered by the wheel industry to be a higher quality finish. We do a hand polish on the face of the rim before it goes to the paint or chrome shop. Our paint is a powder-coated paint, which is actually baked onto the rim. Most OEM rims uses a wet, spray-on paint that is not as durable. Our rim is then topped off with a clear coat that further protects the rim and will help eliminate fading or yellowing. These added steps greatly increase the cost of producing the wheel, but we refused to sacrifice our quality!

Our chrome shop uses some of the latest, most up to date technology available. It is a three-stage process, which uses copper, nickel and then chrome. Each step is computer controlled and monitored to ensure the best possible chrome job. The chrome is warrantied for one full year from original purchase date, provided that it is properly maintained.
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