AFS Wheels

Tire Speed Ratings

Tire speed ratings have been marked on tires in any of three ways as shown:
255/40HR-17 89H
255/40R-17 89H

On new tires any symbol denoting a fixed maximum speed capability will be shown in the tire's service description (255/40-17 89H). Currently used tire speed rating symbols and their maximum speeds are shown below:
Q = 99 mph
R =106 mph
S =112 mph
T =118 mph
U =124 mph
H =130 mph
V =149 mph
W =168 mph
Y =186 mph

When a "Z" appears in the tire size designation (245/45ZR-17) it signifies a maximum speed capability in excess of 149 mph. If a service description also appears, the maximum speed is indicated by the service description as shown below:

245/45ZR-17 = 149+ mph
255/40ZR-17 88W = 168 mph
285/35ZR-18 99Y = 186 mph
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